Tuesday, May 17, 2005

EADS Cancels 12-ton Ariane

Citing a lack of demand, European Aeronautic Defence and Space(EADS) has decided to scrap plans for a 12-ton version of its Ariane rocket. The current generation Ariane 5 can carry up to a 10-ton payload. Instead the company is considering developing a unmanned space glider to enter operation in the 2015-2020. Of course, wouldn't a space glider be even less useful.

I suspect that since it is a glider, they intend to make it reusable since wings have no utility in space. Reusability has only been shown to increase costs and increase them dramatically. Between the additional augmentation and weight such crafts need and the extensive refurbishment which occurs between each mission, reusable spacecrafts are an incredibly bad deal.